Christmas Traditions for New Families

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Christmas Traditions for New Families

Everyone loves a Christmas tradition. They make for beloved memories for families to look back on and serve as an exciting activity you get to look forward to each and every year. As your family grows, you may be thinking about introducing Christmas traditions of your own to add a bit of holiday magic into your life. But with so many exciting Christmas activities out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Especially as a new family. 

We’re here to help. Check out our top Christmas traditions for new families below. 

Find some time alone

The Christmas period can be hectic. While you may be tempted to jam-pack your calendar with various activities and meet-ups with loved ones, don’t forget just how wonderful spending time alone with your immediate family can be. 

If you can swing it, try reserving Christmas morning for just your nearest and dearest. Stay in your jammies, indulge in a cuppa and take it slow. When we busy ourselves to no end, we often forget to stop and savour the moment. So take a deep breath and remember that special time alone as a family can be just as exciting and memorable as all of your other Christmas activities. 

Pick out a tree

If you were ever wondering when you should make the shift from artificial to real trees, now’s the time! Taking your little one to pick out your Christmas tree can make for a wonderful tradition as a family that you can continue as your child gets older. Look for trees that are sustainably grown near you or eco-friendly farms that rent out trees each Christmas and plant them back into the ground after the festive period is over. 

Bake Christmas cookies

There’s nothing quite like filling your home with the sweet smell of cookies in the oven. Baking Christmas cookies together as a family is a great way to teach your little one how to handle various food items. While they may spend their first year snuggled up against you in the carrier while you mix away, they’ll be helping you in the kitchen before you know it! This is a great time to teach your child how to crack an egg, mix a batter and see the exciting results of all of your hard work. Baking together as a family each year is a great way to tune out from the outside world and focus on bonding. 

Put together a donation box

Start a tradition of gathering tins, non-perishable food, and helpful items for local shelters. Starting a tradition where you help those in need teaches your children that Christmas isn’t just about receiving - it’s about giving, too. By starting this Christmas tradition when your children are young, they’ll start to look forward to it as the years go by. 

Spend an afternoon doing arts and crafts

Making arts and crafts together as a family each Christmas is a wonderful way to witness how much your child develops over time. When your child is little, you can start with simple arts and crafts such as colouring or making a handprint wreath. As they grow older, you can delve into more complex creations such as making homemade baubles or beaded candy cane decorations. 

The best part about making arts and crafts? You get to save and cherish each creation for the upcoming Christmas. Before you know it, you’ll have countless handmade Christmas items to decorate your home in every year. 

Write letters to Father Christmas

Known as Santa Claus in the US, Father Christmas in England and Sinterklaas in The Netherlands, lots of countries have their very own mythical Christmas being children write to. Encourage your child to write a letter to Father Christmas each year and make sure you stash it somewhere safe. It can be very easy to forget just how little your children once were until you look back on old Christmas letters. 

Go for a Christmas Day walk

With many people living in cold climates during the winter season, it’s all too easy to hole up at home and avoid going outdoors. But getting your family out and about in the fresh air can actually make for a pretty fun activity as long as you’re dressed for it. Make it a tradition to go for a Christmas Day walk every year to get your muscles moving and enjoy the fresh air. It’s a lovely way to wake everyone up and spread holiday cheer when you encounter your neighbours. 

Christmas traditions for new families

One of the most exciting things about growing your family is introducing your very own traditions you can carry out for years to come. If you’re looking to create special memories with those you love most, try introducing one of the above Christmas traditions this holiday season. Creating Christmas traditions is not only great for bonding as a family but will soon become a much-loved pastime for your growing children. 

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