Finding the Perfect Lovey for Your Baby

Finding the Perfect Lovey for Your Baby

Few objects can compete with the beloved baby lovey when it comes to providing comfort and security for your little one. These cozy companions are cherished by babies and parents alike. 

In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about baby loveys, including what they are, why babies adore them, the recommended age of use and what materials to look for when selecting one. 

Lovey basics

You may have heard baby loveys called various names, such as security blankets, blankies, comfort objects, or stuffed animals. Regardless of which name it goes by, these cozy companions serve a common purpose: to offer comfort and reassurance to your little one. 

Most loveys often feature a soft small handkerchief sized blanket attached to a plush toy animal head.

Why babies love them:

Babies are instinctively drawn to soft and cozy textures, which is one reason why loveys can quickly become cherished companions. 

Lovies provide babies with a sense of familiarity and security, granting solace during naptime, bedtime, or when encountering unfamiliar circumstances. Loveys also help assist in soothing a restless or anxious baby, helping them to relax and fall asleep easier. 

How many loveys to have:

So how many loveys should you have on hand for your little one? As your baby may become attached to a specific Lovey, there is no need to overwhelm them with too many options. 

It's usually a good idea to purchase a few duplicates of your baby's favorite lovey so that you have a backup in case one goes missing or if one needs to be washed. Having two or three of the same loveys will allow you to switch them out while still providing your baby with the comforting familiarity they crave.

What materials to look out for:

When looking to buy a lovey, it’s important to consider what fabrics and materials are used. 

At Zipster, we highly prioritize both safety and quality, which is why we have designed our Zipster Cuddle Cloth Loveys with the utmost care. The blanket portion of our Lovey is created from fabric consisting of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, providing a luxuriously soft and hypoallergenic surface for your baby to cuddle. The plush animal part of the Lovey is made of 100% cotton exterior with a polyester filling, ensuring a gentle touch for your baby's skin. 

Remember to always check for any potential choking hazards when looking for a Lovey. It is recommended to avoid loveys with buttons or hard parts that could pose a potential safety risk.

What is the perfect age for a lovey?

Ultimately, there is no perfect age to introduce a lovey to your little one as this time frame can vary from child to child. While some babies may show interest in a lovey as early as a few months old, others may not display any signs of interest until they are closer to a year old.

Don’t forget that loveys should never be left alone or unattended with children under 2 years old. It’s also important to remember that loveys should not be used as teething toys. 

Always supervise your baby when they have their lovey, especially if they are sleeping with it. It’s often recommended to only let your baby sleep with their Lovey after the 12 month mark.


Baby loveys are far more than just cozy blankets and cuddly companions. They offer a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity to your little one during their early years. 

At Zipster, we know how important it is to find the perfect lovey for your baby, which is why we designed our Zipster Cuddle Cloth Lovey to provide optimal snuggles and cuddles. With its hypoallergenic fabric and cute animal designs,, our lovey is the ideal choice for your little bundle of joy.

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